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3 weeks ago, before Eid, I was working in a coffee shop in Tripoli north of Lebanon.

At the door, I saw 2 kids (looking poor) sitting on one of the tables, pretending they are customers, trying to savor the feeling of ordering.

I called the waiter and asked him to allow them whatever they want from the menu.

Although i told him not to share my identity, he told them about me. Since that minute they started smiling at me. When they finished eating and they were about to leave, they waved at me. I called them to have a talk. They happen to be friends from 2 poor families dreaming about Eid, but due to the circumstances, they did not have money to buy anything. I had money in my purse dedicated for help as I am also a member of the ESSEFF FOUNDATION. They had tears in their eyes when I handed them enough to buy clothes and fill their fridge. It was such a fulfilling experience and so rewarding because they never expected this to happen.

I asked them to thank God because he gave me the intuition and the eyes to notice them.