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Yellow Parade 2014


World Kindness Day is celebrated across the world in many different ways, and after our previous year of celebrating it with random acts of kindness, we thought that the 2014 World Kindness Day be about being kind to each other on the road. And to promote the message of #drivekind, we organized Kuwait’s first ever Yellow Car Parade.

Stretching from Marina Waves, all the way to Green Island, we took around 40 yellow cars, 3 buses, one yellow limo and a whole bunch of amazing people who turned up to support the cause.

The main purpose of the parade was to spread awareness about showing empathy to others on the road and being kind to each other in general by giving way, showing your signals and following traffic rules etc.

The parade was supported and authorized by the ministry of interior and was controlled and organized by the traffic police of Kuwait.

The day ended on a spectacular note as all the yellow cars came together to form #drivekind in the end zone of the parking lot.

“Being kind on the road is not just for those driving on the road but also the pedestrians. The parade is to spread awareness of simple things that one can do to be more kind on the road, like giving way to other drivers, smiling often to others, acknowledging other drivers on the road, giving way to pedestrians, using the zebra crossing, following traffic rules and just being more cheerful while driving and avoiding road rage”

Sheikha Intisar, the founder and CEO of Alnowair and Lulua Group of Companies

“Road accidents, citations and traffic congestion are one of the biggest problems faced by the people of Kuwait, and one of the ways we can help solve this problem is by being kind while on the road”

Gaya Kruchlik, Head of Alnowair