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How often have you heard that there is no beauty in Kuwait?

30 Yellow Benches

We travel around the world to look for beauty, often neglecting what is around. Every day we drive past it, we walk past it, but we forget to see, to notice. In our daily race to get things done, we forget to lift our heads and see the beauty we are surrounded by. We want to show the people of Kuwait, that if you look around there is no need to travel the world looking for beauty!

So we’ve put 30 yellow benches, all the way from the outskirts to the heart of Kuwait.

Each bench showing you amazing spots that we would normally not notice, reminding us to pause and notice what is around. Each bench to take a seat and enjoy sights that can take your breath away.

Each bench makes people
fall in love with Kuwait, all over again.

As part of the campaign we organized a photo competition, where we asked followers on Instagram to find the benches and take pictures of the views that they offered. In response we received hundreds of pictures and posts on Instagram. To display the winning entries we set up a special installation at Kuwaits most popular destination, The Avenues. The theme of the installation was to inspire the visitors, to change their perspective and notice what the hundreds of followers noticed.

Participant Photos:

On the installation we displayed the top entries from the photo competition on rotating boards. Each picture revealed a message behind and collectively the boards read #30yellowbenches. We also gave away mini benches as prizes and token of appreciation to all the winning entries.

Thousands of visitors interacted with the installation, flipping the boards and discovering the views Kuwait has to offer through the benches. They even collected maps to the 30 different locations, to go on their own bench hunts. So much was the traffic on the installation that the authorities at the Avenues decided to put the installation under the main dome for all to access.

We would like to thank The Avenues for their support, all those who participated in the photo competition and those who took the time to go on adventures to find the benches!