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Positive Employee Engagement Program

Empowering employees to contribute meaningfully at work


Studies conducted by the Queens School of Business and the Gallup Organization show that there is a direct positive correlation between employee engagement, their productivity and organizational profitability.

Yelloworks Positive Employee Engagement Program is designed to support your Employees to lead positive behavior change within your workplace and create a more positive outlook – which according to recent studies in positive psychology – yield many benefits including…

Better stress management, more resilience, prioritizing opportunities over obstacles, harmonious working relationships, and better health in terms of increased immunity, increased lifespan, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure and reduced risk from cardiovascular disease.

Our measurable and sustainable approach is based on interactive experiences and experiments derived from the scientific field of Positive Psychology.

Conducted at

days workshop

hours of experiential training

average increase in positivity quotient

tailored activities

Noura KayedProgram Participant

This program helped me coop with my work stress by having more positive thoughts.

Nadine IsmailProgram participant

I realized that I was already implementing few of these exercises throughout my life but always took it for granted. This program helped me focus on the positive thoughts and behaviors to lessen my stress and be more productive.

Hussain Al-SarrafProgram participant

Whats differentiates this workshop from others is that its simplistic approach, bite-size daily activities, logical to understand and most importantly, easy to implement.

Zahra BoarkiProgram participant

One of the most important aspects of this workshop is that it's measurable. That helped me as an individual to monitor my behaviors’ performance which I can also sustain by simply practicing it on daily basis.