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Yelloworks Positive Young Leaders Program

Preparing young minds & hearts for workplace readiness

Positive Young Leaders Program Participants

It made me develop my communication skills and taught me to trust and listen carefully. It helped me discover my true self.

Improved my confidence when it comes to presenting and public speaking.

It made me more aware of how to find a common ground and how to bridge the gaps between the different generations.


Is your organization like many others around the world struggling to bridge the ever increasing generation gap?

Transitioning into work from university can be tasking for fresh graduates, we can help you make that transition smooth.

Yelloworks Positive Young Leaders Program prepares young graduates and interns with essential positivity tools to successfully contribute towards positive work cultures.

The program bridges the widening gap between educational qualifications and work preparedness, with a focus on 21st Century Learning principles of collaboration, creative problem solving, critical thinking and communication.

Our approach builds a positive work ethic, empathy and intergenerational understanding.

Conducted at

Case study

Yelloworks Positive Young Leaders Program for Zain Generation Z

We first conducted ‘Yelloworks Positive Young Leaders Program’ for Zain’s six promising Generation Z participants in March 2019.
Our 38 hours of experiential training over 5 days featured dynamic materials, interactive tools, one-on-one coaching sessions and individual and group projects.

Participants also met with 3 inspirational mentors – Sheikha Intisar AlSabah, Dr. Aroob AlMutawa and Rehab AlTawari – who shared their personal insights and advice.

We are optimistic and hopeful for the future of Kuwait with Zain’s Generation Z participants!

hours of experiential training

tailored activities

average increase in positivity quotient


amazing mentors

Maryam SaifCoach, Gender Diversity, Youth Development, Inclusion at Zain

Spent the morning with the incredible Alnowair Kuwait and Generation Z. The power of positivity left us all feeling inspired and eager to make the changes we need to. Thank you Sheikha Intisar AlSabah and the entire Yelloworks team

Mohammed AlgharaballiProgram participant

It was very educational and fun to work with. The program’s main focus was authenticity, self-awareness, gratitude & kindness and addressing assumptions. Thank you Yelloworks for allowing me to discover and develop myself and implement these ideas in the workplace.

Dalal AlsultanProgram participant

We leaned the essentials of a positive mindset at the workplace through workshops, creative activity and guests. Within those thriving and gainful days, we were able to have a clear idea of the opportunities and roles we could play at Zain. I’m very grateful and thankful for your continuous help and support

Laila AlMelhemProgram participant

The program allowed me to be able to discover myself more and have a more positive mindset in the workforce. It truly helped and motivated me to be the best version of me in the workplace. Happy to had been part of this program.

Jumanah AlMutawaProgram participant

We were exposed to new concepts and workshops that helped us explore ourselves and our roles within Zain from a new angle.

Thuraya AlAteeqiProgram participant

An amazing eye-opening program that will definitely prepare us to be positive and well-empowered future leaders to make the changes we aspire to make.

Shaha AlKhameesProgram participant

The program allowed us to explore our thought & develop a clear understanding of what a positive outlook & workplace would consist of.

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