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Alnowair is a move, an initiative driven to spread positive attitude in Kuwait. An attitude that we believe can be a way of living and lead to finding fulfillment and happiness.

Scientific research proves that having a positive outlook towards life is a choice. Our mission is to make people aware of this simple fact and inspire them to act on it.


Let's Not Phub


The ‪#‎letsnotphub‬ Campaign in The Avenues, was to spread awareness about society’s current technology obsession, and how we are removing ourselves from our surroundings, keeping our heads constantly inside our phones.

AlNowair coined the Arabic word Mfabi, which is based on the term to Phub (meaning to use your PHone and snUB the people you are with). With this creation of a new word, we were able to create an atmosphere of curiosity, by placing 90 stands around the mall with different phrases about Phubbing, drawing in The Avenues customers to our central booth to find out what the term was all about!

At the booth, we handed out Phumbs, (the device made from cloth to prevent you from using your phone whilst wearing it) and explained the meaning of the terms Mfabi and Phubbing.

The campaign drew in audiences all over The Avenues from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and various other expats all wanting to understand the meaning and willing to pledge to not Phub to get their Phumb!.

It gives us great pleasure to announce over 4000 pledges for our #letsnotphub campaign! Thanks to everyone who came to the booth to ask about the meaning of Mfabi/Phubbing! We hope our Phumbs are letting you enjoy the real life! A special shout out for the tremendous support of The Avenues for providing us with their facilities and One World Actors for providing the mimes!



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