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Alnowair is a move, an initiative driven to spread positive attitude in Kuwait. An attitude that we believe can be a way of living and lead to finding fulfillment and happiness.

Scientific research proves that having a positive outlook towards life is a choice. Our mission is to make people aware of this simple fact and inspire them to act on it.


هل انت بطل أم ضحية؟


“Although the mind resists it, the fact is that like me, you have a choice between having the life you want or the reasons why you can’t. You can luxuriate in joy and peace, or you can continually be burdened by that big black bag full of all the sorrowful incidents and accidents that happened to you in your childhood or last relationship. You can endure your wounds or you can enjoy your glory. You can live the life of a victim, burdened by the traumas of your past, or you can live the life of a hero, but you can’t do both. If you want to feel empowered, you need to make a courageous decision to create a sacred dream and practice courage.”

Source: Alberto Villoldo, Courageous Dreaming

:حقيقة يقاومها عقلك دائماً وهي

انك انت صاحب القرار فإما تختار ان تعيش حياتك كما تريد او ان تتحجج دائماً بالأسباب التي لا تجعلك تعيشها

ان تجرب رفاهية المرح والسلام او ان تحمل حقيبة سوداء على ظهرك مليئة بالقصص و الأحداث المؤسفة

ان تبقى حاملا جراحك و آلامك او ان تستمع بإنتصاراتك

بإختصار انت من يختار إما انت تعيش حياتك كبطل ام كضحية

انت بحاجة لإتخاذ قرار شجاع ،فكل شيء في متناول يدك



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