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Alnowair is a move, an initiative driven to spread positive attitude in Kuwait. An attitude that we believe can be a way of living and lead to finding fulfillment and happiness.

Scientific research proves that having a positive outlook towards life is a choice. Our mission is to make people aware of this simple fact and inspire them to act on it.

Mindfulness Cubes



As part of our initiative to spread a positive attitude in Kuwait, we at Alnowair launched our first ever interactive campaign at The Avenues. The campaign was called Live the Now and was designed to promote awareness about mindfulness in Kuwait.

Mindfulness is a concept of being aware of our thoughts, feelings and environment in the present moment. It means purposefully noticing life as it happens.

To promote the concept of mindfulness we organized a special activity at The Avenues that gave a chance to the visitors to escape from the busy mall space to an environment where they could relax and concentrate on themselves. We planted two specially designed interactive booths that gave the visitors a guided mindfulness experience.

Over 1500 people tried the exercise in which they could choose between 2 different environments, one being in the forest and the other in ocean. The booths equipped with sound proof walls to keep out the hustle and bustle of the mall, had special environments created inside through sights, smells and touch that reflected the environment, either it being the beach or forest.

Inside the booth the visitors were shown visuals of the environment and through a soothing guiding voice were asked to slow down and clear their minds and solely concentrate on the moment. They then were told to activate their senses one by one and concentrate on each sense as they absorbed the visuals, sounds, smells and feel of their environment. The guided mindfulness experience lasted for 3 minutes and helped them take a break from the outside world and connect with themselves. Many of those who tried the experience left the cubes with renewed energy and said that the cubes helped them relax and feel more connected with themselves.

The concept of Mindfulness is relatively new not just to Kuwait but internationally as well. Although many big corporations are slowly embracing the idea of mindfulness at their work, they see the physical and emotional benefits of mindfulness and the positive effects it has on individuals. The Live the Now campaign is our effort to create awareness about this amazing tool one can use to nurture a more positive outlook.
— Sheikha Intisar Alsabah, the founder of Alnowair
This is the first time ever we are collaborating with The Avenues, and it is very encouraging for nonprofit endeavors such as ours to see that a corporate giant such as The Avenues is supporting our cause to make Kuwait a more positive place to live in. This is the first time ever that they are lending support to a nonprofit initiative for an entire year and we are honored to be the first ones
— Gaya Kruchlik, Campaign Manager at Alnowair
I feel very relaxed and feel like I’ve been just sitting on a beach
— Grace Gillis
Amazing experience, a break from the typical world
— M S Mohammad
Great Idea! I want one at home (thanks)
— Jad
Complete sense of relaxation, I was transported from this world to another world
— Ahmed Al Qadi
What a wonderful initiative to bring mindfulness to the community. Thank you
— Ninar Al Qames
I think I went to heaven and back
— Alanod
Very interesting, give you more sense of time
— Duaa Al-Khader
Amazing makes you love life more
— Lamees Khader
So relaxing… Great experience
— Raghad
Life is about these moments that take your breath away!
— Fajer Dashti
It’s great to have some with yourself
— Mohd Al Masri
This is a great idea. I hope it picks up & people relate to it.
— Hicham Alaeddine



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