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Alnowair is a move, an initiative driven to spread positive attitude in Kuwait. An attitude that we believe can be a way of living and lead to finding fulfillment and happiness.

Scientific research proves that having a positive outlook towards life is a choice. Our mission is to make people aware of this simple fact and inspire them to act on it.

Positivity at GUST

Our first partners in our Youth Development Program were Gulf University for Science and Technology. Together with the Office of Student Life at GUST, we came up with a campaign that would promote the message of positivity amongst the students, instil a positive attitude and make being positive part of the culture of the students at GUST. 


The campaign was aptly named G+, which means GUSTIVITY.
The structured one year campaign was divided into 4 phases, Simplicity, Gratitude, Kindness and Joy; each from the tree of positivity and each to be implemented through a series of activities and visuals. The campaign has already created a very unique and positive atmosphere in the university. 



Simplicity - No Worry Zone

The first days at universities can cause many of us to be nervous and worrisome. So we thought we use the first day of Orientation day to help rid the students some of their worries by making letting go of worries fun through some amazing activities! The freshers had an amazing time, and received some pearls of wisdom from our very own Founder and Originator Sheikha Intisar, on how they can bring colour to their lives just by being themselves.

1. Let your worry go
Write down your worry Stick the post it on a balloon Now take this balloon outside and let it go. Watch it leave for as long as you want.

2. Score against your worry
Write down your worry Cover the ball with the paper on which you have written your worry. Now score against your worry by throwing it into the basket. (You can throw a 3 pointer or simply slam dunk your worry)

3. Speak about your worry
Pick up the microphone Put on your headphones, Now speak your worry into the mic.

4. Shred Your Worry
Write down your worry, You have two choices one a) Feed your worry to the Worry Eater or b) Hold your paper in front of you, now tear it. Tear it with force, to the point that you can’t tear it any more. And then put it in the trash.
Move on.



The gratitude Campaign in GUST was to spread awareness about the benefits of gratitude and promote practicing it. For that we created special sculptures of each letter of the word thank you and spread them around the campus. At the same time we spread out posters across the universities that spoke about the benefits of expressing gratitude. Each poster was related to an alphabet.

The students were encouraged to write down with markers what they were grateful for on the sculptures and after two weeks, we put together and displayed all the alphabets together to create the word thank you.



The kindness campaign was based on Kindness and its benefits. The message of kindness was
widely promoted across the university through stands and through a special task that the students participated in.

The idea was to show that being positive is a tree that can be made green and lush through different kind acts. The students were encouraged to pick up leaves that gave them specific acts of kindness to perform, and once they performed them they were then allowed to take the leaf of kindness and place it on the tree. The tree had bloomed, full of leaves within a few days and the task was enjoyed throughout the university, with students and teachers both chipping in with kind acts.


The Joy Campaign at GUST, was the finale of a yearlong positivity program at Gulf University of Science & Technology called G+. The last campaign was designed to create a joyful atmosphere in the university. By hanging banners on the ceiling with messages that reminded the students to be more joyful. There was also a booth set up, where students were asked to draw their symbols of joy and drop them into a post box. These symbols were later collected and put around the booth, for people to see what gave each other joy.

The campaign ended with the distribution of Jars of Positivity to the students. The jar consisted things such as the Journal to happiness, A Tissue for your issues, Shareable Chocolate Kisses, Chill pills, positive bandages etc. To serve as a reminder to them to be more positive in their day to day lives.




For our Weekly Dose of Positivity!

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